2021 Women Build Logo FINAL green.jpeg

Women Build is a national Habitat for Humanity program designed to provide a comfortable learning environment for women to discover they can build Habitat for Humanity homes!


This year’s Women Build united 350 women across Boone County. Each volunteer builder raises a minimum of $250 contributing to our overall goal of $100,000. Every team of 10 builders spends one day on the build site completing the home in just 35 days! Since 2018, we have exceeded our goal and were able to send money to Haiti and Guatemala, to help provide safe housing there. We did it again this year! Meet our Women Build partner family.


The funds raised during Women Build sponsor the land, infrastructure and materials needed for the home. This support helps us continue to fulfill our mission of helping hard working, low income families in Boone County. Thank you!

Contact womenbuild@boonehabitat.org for more information.