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Our 2023 Community of Faith Build Partner

Community of Faith Family

We are excited to introduce our Building a Community of Faith Partner - Ronnie. He has two adult daughters and three granddaughters. He currently resides in Zionsville Presbyterian Church’s (ZPC’s) Jeremiah House and is active at ZPC. He is also active at Kingdom Ministries Christian Church in Indianapolis where  was recently ordained as a pastor. He is a loyal employee at Dart Controls, Inc. in Zionsville. Ronnie is hard working and has  diligently followed the advice of his HFHBC Budget Coach and Mentor which has led to his financial stability. He says he never realized it could ever be a possibility to own his own home until he went through these classes. He lights up at the thought of his daughters and granddaughters staying in his own home when they visit him. Through discussion and his actions, we see that his life points to Christ, he really loves the Lord, and has compassion for others. 

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