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Grace Fields, a community providing
for hardworking families in Boone County

Boone County is facing a housing crisis. Disproportionately low wages and high housing costs are leading to housing vulnerability for many of our residents.  People are often paying much more than they can afford, leaving them to make difficult financial decisions about essential needs. 

Grace Fields is an answer to many prayers from our organization and the families we serve. For many years, Habitat for Humanity of Boone County (HFHBC) has struggled to find property to build on to continue our mission of providing affordable housing  In 2022, HFHBC acquired an 8 acre site in Whitestown, IN and began dreaming.  Dreaming of a community in which families can prosper in a safe, affordable home. Dreaming of a runway for HFHBC to fulfill our mission and continue building for the next 5 -8 years. With this development we will be able to create Homes, Community and Hope for 24 Boone County families.

We are raising funds to build the infrastructure (utilities, roads, landscaping) and have already raised over $1 million of our $1.5 million goal with the help of our generous donors!  Will you come alongside us to be a part of this neighborhood which will provide stability to 24 Boone County families in desperate need of safe, affordable housing?

For more information, contact Liz Qua, Executive Director, at or 765-483-5134.

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