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Gifts from the Heart

Habitat Boone County Gifts from the Heart

Birthday Fundraiser

Celebrate your birthday with Habitat Boone County by creating a birthday fundraiser! It’s a fun and easy way for your loved ones to celebrate YOU by making a donation to Habitat Boone County. Get a unique link, easily set a goal, and track incoming donations, customize your page with photos and tell everyone why you chose to support Habitat Boone County on your special day. Contact Jess Lazarz to get started.

Want to celebrate by building with Habitat Boone County? Contact Jess Lazarz for information on our Birthday Build Day program.

Honor and Memorial Gifts

Honor your family and friends with a Gift from the Heart donation to Habitat Boone County. Each Gift from the Heart donation provides building materials, supplies and support for families who are in need of decent, affordable homes. Imagine the joy and comfort your loved ones will feel, knowing that your meaningful gift is helping build homes and hope in partnership with families in need. A Gift from the Heart is the perfect gift for any recipient. 

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